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Three scenarios (back)

Below are three example scenarios that capture the imagination of what an n‐Count powered solution can achieve:

1. Cash card for the banked

A cash‐on‐chip payment instrument, which is replenished automatically from a credit/debit account, for making low value payments where debit/credit is uneconomic. Small values would be aggregated and the lack of centralized transaction processing will allow for micro‐payments.

Such a card could be used to pay for transit, parking and vending as well as music/video/data over the web using a PC connected card reader.

2. Cash stick for the unbanked

A cash‐on‐chip payment instrument, which is replenished by cash at retail sites, for making low value electronic payments by the unbanked. Such a stick (which might be both contactless and USB enabled), could be used to pay for transit, utilities (a smart meter could be a receiving terminal) and remote payments on the web that are often beyond the reach of the unbanked.

3. Off‐line mobile value store

A cash‐on‐chip payment solution implemented in a secure element on a mobile handset that is toped‐up remotely from a debit/credit card or locally via cash at retail which is used to consume digital content locally without necessarily having to go on‐line.
Such a payment mechanism could be used to pay for local payments such as transit (NFC), remote payments such as lottery or off‐line music/video/games that could be downloaded at will but consumed on a pay per use basis. Indeed, the pay‐as‐you‐go phone may itself be toped‐up from such a value store.

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