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Ideal properties (back)

Everybody understands that in order to be successful, any payment system needs to be quick, convenient and secure. However, if a payment system is to replace cash then it must have the qualities of cash:

  • Anonymous,
  • Universal,
  • Off‐line.

There are many who argue that such properties are superfluous in this “always connected” age. The counter to that argument is threefold. Firstly the only truly successful small value payment systems are transit‐ticketing systems that have these properties. Secondly, it is obligatory to deny these properties as being valuable if one’s system is incapable of implementing them. Finally, having these properties gives one the luxury of implementing all systems, for instance, closed loop online systems that explicitly identifies the payer. Having the ability to do it all clearly defeats the argument for a subset of properties.
Cash is a well‐defended hill and in order to advance significantly, any system must exceed the properties of cash and provide:

  • Remote payments,
  • Guarantee against forgery,
  • Automatic replenishment.

n‐Count technology has these properties making true Cash-on-Chip possible.

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