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All electronic stored‐value systems rely on the use of security modules for both spendable and spent funds. A security module for spendable funds is essential to give the owner control over spending. However, a security module for spent funds forms a significant barrier to entry for merchants who must be equipped with scheme specific hardware to accept eMoney. A security module in a merchant terminal restricts interoperability: it is difficult for merchants to join other schemes and eMoney issuers cannot share a common terminal base.
nCount, a patent protected value transfer technology, is the world’s first to address this interoperability roadblock to stored‐value deployment. It provides secured, fast and off‐line value transfers without the need for a security module at the receiving terminal: An n‐Count value transfer provides end‐to‐end security from the payer’s device to the issuer’s clearing system. With n‐Count application software, any computing device such as a POS terminal, PC or a Mobile handset may be programmed to act as a merchant terminal for multiple eMoney schemes.

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