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A SAM‐less world (back)

The cost of funding and maintaining SAMs and the payment terminals reduces the economic benefit of deployments, since the eMoney issuer, in extending its reach, faces the commercial challenge to get its SAM into as many terminals as possible. When multiple eMoney issuers approach the same merchants this may require installing a new dedicated terminal, or a (commercial) arrangement to use an open SAM slot in an existing terminal.
The n‐Count value‐transfer technology has three properties that greatly facilitate payment‐system expansion:

  • Guaranteed repayment of received payments without requiring a hardware component dedicated to the operator (SAM) in a payment terminal or even a special payment terminal,
  • Ability to license the payment brand to multiple regulated eMoney Issuers who then have the ability to issue funds that may be spent on a common terminal base,
  • Implementation technology agnostic – may be applied to contact or contactless (ISO 14443 A or B, Felica and NFC) payment devices.

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