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What can be said in a nutshell is that the IT Revolution has barely touched the payment industry; there is no true “Cash-on-Chip” today!

TransaXiom’s implementation of n-Count is a complete system for e-Money; its security design covers all commercial parties; the technology, protected by patents around the world is game changing and disruptive.

n-Count offers the only true digitization of cash, maintaining all its properties:





This true “Cash-on-chip” solution, available to all, offers transactions that are independent of the Merchant location or the communication medium. Transactions are fast, aggregated and auditable.

The anonymity of the Payer is guaranteed at time of payments from Merchants, yet the full transaction is transparent for both the Payer and Issuer.

Finally, and importantly, n-Count allows for the differentiation of balances: the spendable funds are held in a Payer-controlled secure element, while the spent funds are held in the Merchant-controlled terminal (NVM, etc).

Follow the side menus to access sections of a published white paper describing TransaXiom’s solution in more details.