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NFC OMNICard Reader for Android

This useful tool allows you to use your NFC enabled handset to read:
– ITSO cards: list all the ITSO Products
– sQuid cards: list all the purses on the card
– standard Mifare cards: list sectors and key used to read if applicable
– standard DESFire cards: list available applications
– Oyster cards: identified as such, but work in progress!
– save the card’s content to a file
– share the card’s content via email, Dropbox, etc

KNOWN LIMITATIONS – Mifare Classic NFC Tags Compatibility Issues:

Please be aware that due to some phone manufacturer’s hardware design decisions, it is impossible to read Mifare cards on some Samsung devices. In particular, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Mini 4 devices will not respond to a Mifare tag. You can find more details about this issue here. As it is a hardware limitation, we are sorry to say that there is nothing that can be done from an application perspective in order to correct this problem.

We have also identified a limitation on the LG Nexus 5, where the Mifare Tag is not identified as such, but the problem is different from the one discussed above, so we will investigate a possible workaround.