Janus CMD2 Card

Janus CMD2 Card logoTransaXiom’s new Janus CMD2 Card has been certified by ITSO for use in all ITSO systems. The Janus CMD2 Card implementation is purpose designed for flexibility and caters for a variety of data with more than 16kB available for ITSO products. The use of industry standard Global Platform 2.2 allows easy ITSO personalisation as well as management of custom co-resident applications such as Loyalty.

The Janus CMD2 Card is based on the latest generation of high performance SLE77 series silicon from Infineon. The use of a dedicated on-board hardware crypto accelerator takes the burden of DES, 3DES or even AES algorithms away from the processor resulting in very high execution speeds. The chip’s 90nm geometry is well suited to the high performance, high volume and low cost world of transport ticketing.

Most of all, the Janus CMD2 Card design looks forward by optionally offering TransaXiom’s award winning retail payment technologies that allows the same card to pay for both tickets and transit related items such as parking, on train snacks or the morning coffee.

The Janus CMD2 Card is the perfect combination of low cost, high performance and flexibility that not only excels at all current ITSO tasks but also is ready for the future.

Janus CMD2 Card Key Facts

  • Economical – New SLE77 series silicon from Infineon is optimised for memory and low cost.
  • Fast – Crypto hardware acceleration makes Janus CMD2 Card much faster than older designs.
  • Adaptable – Stores multiple ITSO products with over 16kB available memory.
  • Secure – Supports ITSO current 3DES based design and is AES capable for enhanced security. The silicon is CC EAL4+ (high) certified.
  • Flexible – Uses Industry standard Global Platform 2.2 for easy card personalisation and application management.
  • Expandable – Option for payment and loyalty applications to extend beyond transit ticketing.

The official ITSO certificate for the Janus CMD2 Card can be viewed and downloaded from the ITSO website at this address.