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TransaXiom selects ACT to deliver speedy ticket transactions

Companies sign contract to offer world’s fastest digital cash onto ITSO smart card

TransaXiom, the provider of patented Digital Cash technology, and ACT, the digital transactions and payments specialist, have today announced that the two companies are working together to enable the purchase and delivery of ITSO smart ticketing and payment applications onto their ITSO certified microprocessor (CMD2) card platform, the Janus card.

In joining the ACT Cloud Partnership Programme, TransaXiom is set to speed up smart card transaction times in a deal that connects its technology to ACT’s secure enterprise Cloud platform that enables the monetisation of complex transactions.

TransaXiom is an independent supplier of Digital Cash solutions. Its solution offers all the advantages of  physical cash in a digital form, and is suited to eCommerce in general and mCommerce in particular, via NFC Mobile handsets.

TransaXiom’s Digital Cash solutions already underpin the Vancouver Island $ network, the community currency designed to ensure the communities of the Island have accessible own money ecosystems.

TransaXiom’s patented Digital Cash technology has been incorporated into its recently certified ITSO Janus Card, providing the world’s first mass transit card where the card balance may be spent outside the transit environment without the need for custom merchant terminals.

Ram Banerjee, Director, TransaXiom said: “The security, speed and convenience of our Digital Cash solution can be put into the hands of passengers now that we have joined the ACT Cloud. ACT’s innovative Cloud platform makes it easy for us to deploy a cost effective digital cash system across the UK transport network. Together, we can help to make travelling easier for passengers across the World.”

ACT launched its Cloud Partner Programme in September 2013 and since then PayPoint, Parkeon, sQuid, Haven, Masabi and RSL have joined the programme to extend their services by plugging into ACT’s Cloud.  ACT and its Cloud Partners are making transport ticketing fast, convenient and secure – online, in store and on mobile.

ACT makes it simple to connect to its ticketing and payments cloud platform. All the communications, transaction processing and payments are managed in the ACT Cloud so retailers and suppliers of ticket vending machines and collection services don’t need to invest in additional hardware to gain contactless ticketing capability.

Gary Watts, CEO, ACT commented, “Passengers are really set to benefit from our deal with TransaXiom.  By connecting our established smart ticketing and payments platform with TransaXiom’s Digital Cash technology, transport providers can benefit from faster ITSO ticketing by using the Janus smart card.

“ACT’s Cloud Service has already made it simple and cost effective for our partners to extend their services to include smart ticketing and passengers are now starting to enjoy the benefits of extended retail channels, payment options and ticket collection points.”

For further information, visit us at www.TransaXiom.co.uk or contact Ram Banerjee on +44 1635 865614 (Ram@TransaXiom.co.uk).