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Goodbye Paris and Cartes 2014, see you next year!

Now we’ve been back in a surprisingly mild weathered Manchester for a few days, we can have a quick look back at Cartes 2014 which took place in Paris last week.

The week started with the Sesames Awards, where we were finalists for the second year running, and although we didn’t win, it was a great opportunity to start networking and gathering some interesting contacts for the following few days.

Cartes is the global event for payment, identification and mobility; the exhibition itself is huge, and has a lot of stands where you can witness some fantastic demos ranging from fast, high-quality laser printing of cards, to full card lamination going at a speed of a few thousands cards an hour. Aside from the hardware, there are also solution providers, demo’ing everything from full end-to-end payment systems to identification solution (biometrics, etc).

We also attracted some specific media attention due to the conference talk we provided on Digital Cash revolutionizing Aid Deployment in Africa, which prompted a nice article in the Cartes Daily News (both printed and online).


In the end, some really interesting contacts were made, including some specific companies we might end up doing business with in the not so distant future. To be continued!


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