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First deployment of our Digital Cash Solution coming soon!

We are pleased to announce that the first deployment of our Digital Cash Solution will be taking place in the first weeks of July. More details will be available at a later stage, but for now, we can disclose that this deployment will take place in Canada, near Vancouver.

This deployment will be a key element of a new Community Currency scheme.

It will consist of about 1,000 Janus cards to be used by consumers as purses; these cards work as prepaid cards, and consumers will be able to load digital cash onto them using a dedicated Android app.

Merchants will be able to register online (a 2 minutes process), download a terminal app onto their NFC enabled Android device, and accept payments from those consumers.

A Host system will be setup to handle all the operational side of the deployment (authorizations, encryption, etc), and interface with our Community Currency scheme’s owner.

We are working hard at the moment to cross the final “T”‘s and dot the remaining “I”‘s, but we will be posting more details in the next few weeks!

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