TransaXiom ITSO Digital Cash – A user’s journey

ITSO Digital Cash is the first output of our vision of reinventing payment. We wanted to take a universal resource such an ITSO transit card that is available to millions of people around the UK and improve it by making it even more useful. Now it is possible to take the standard Pay-as-you-Go balance of an ITSO card and use to buy anything such as parking before you board the train, coffee from the trolley and even a quick game on you mobile phone before you reach your destination.

We have added our award winning Digital Cash application to a state-of-the-art ITSO transit card to create ITSO Digital Cash.

TransaXiom User's Journey

Taking out digital cash could not be easier. Go online and load funds from a bank account or bankcard. Load the money onto your Janus CMD2 card instantly using our NFC Wallet App or collect the funds at a station. Got cash? No problem. Use one of the many loading places on the high street to transfer your physical cash into ITSO Digital Cash. Now it’s in your pocket for you to spend anywhere, anytime.

Are you an operator who wants to expand your turnover? No problem. Start issuing our ITSO certified Janus CMD2 card that has ITSO Digital Cash built in. We can even offer to run the entire payment service until such time as you wish to take it in-house.

Are you a merchant that wants to accept ITSO Digital Cash? No problem. Get yourself an NFC phone, load our terminal app from the apps store and register online. You are then good to go. No dedicated expensive equipment. No onerous contracts. No site visits. Get paid with ITSO Digital Cash and get reimbursed as frequently as you wish.

Have an application that needs payment using ITSO Digital Cash? No problem. We’ll provide the software libraries you need to add payment capability to your device or web site.

We have only given a glimpse of the possibilities. It’s your ideas that count, so contact us and join the ITSO Digital Cash revolution.