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TransaXiom News

TransaXiom to speak at Cartes 2014 about Digital Cash Transforming African Aid Programmes

Cartes logo

Following the recent news that our digital cash solution is in the running for the 2014 SESAMES Awards, we are delighted to have been allocated a slot at this year’s Cartes 2014 conference.

Ram-Cartes 2014 - Digital Cash Transforming African Aid Programmes-cropped

Our managing director Ram will be talking about how our digital cash solution can transform African aid distribution programs. Aid programs are notoriously poor when it comes to cash distribution. A digital cash aid system that provides simple, fast and offline payments in any currency is an ideal solution. This reduces fraud and allows value tracking while using industry standard contactless smartcards or token, and NFC phones.

You can read more about our digital cash solution applied to aid distribution on its dedicated page.

He will be taking center stage on Wednesday, November 5th at 10:10am.

The full program for the Cartes 2014 conference is available online.

Hope to see you there!

TransaXiom in the running for the 2014 SESAMES Awards

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