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TransaXiom News

Successful launch of our digital cash solution – DOSH


TransaXiom’s digital cash solution was successfully launched during a private event marking Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge 150th anniversary.

Held in wonderfully located Avon Gorge Hotel, with a perfect view on the birthday bridge and the magnificent fireworks, the event was organised by REM (Richmond Event Management), who were also taking care of the fireworks. TransaXiom provided the prepaid cards for the guests, and the payment terminals for the bar staff. Those terminals were all standard, off the shelf, Android phones or tablets, and 60 cards were printed and prepared for the event.

DOSH cards and devices

Thanks to the ease of use of the technology, it took only about 10mn to brief the bar staff, while the guests were handed out the pre-paid cards with £10 to spend as they came in. Making or taking payments using this digital cash technology was coming quite naturally to most of the users, both punters and waiters, who all praised the ease of use and speed of this new payment technology.


The devices used for point of sale terminals were:

  • 2 x Vodafone Smart 4
  • 2 x Google Nexus S 1
  • 1 x Samsung Galaxy S3
  • 1 x HTC Desire Z
  • 1 x Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Focus is now on the next event, occurring end of January. More details will come in the New Year.

Goodbye Paris and Cartes 2014, see you next year!

Now we’ve been back in a surprisingly mild weathered Manchester for a few days, we can have a quick look back at Cartes 2014 which took place in Paris last week. The week started with the Sesames Awards, where we were finalists for the second year running, and although we didn’t win, it was a great […]

TransaXiom to demo its wearable digital cash solution at the next Mobile Monday Manchester

TransaXiom will be demo’ing its wearable contactless solution at the next MoMoMcr. The event’s topic is “‘You are what you wear!’ – Is there a future in wearable tech?”, and more information can be found on the Mobile Monday Manchester website directly. We’ve already mentioned in this blog that we were working towards porting our contactless […]

TransaXiom’s Aid Distribution solution via Digital Cash selected as finalist for SESAMES Awards 2014

We are extremely proud to announce that TransaXiom’s Aid Distribution solution via Digital Cash has been selected by the SESAMES Awards jury to be finalist in the Discovery category! TransaXiom is one of 25 companies selected among 341 submissions to take part. Aid programs are notoriously poor at accountability when it comes to cash distribution. A Digital […]

TransaXiom selects ACT to deliver speedy ticket transactions

TransaXiom’s relationship with ACT, the digital transactions and payments specialist, has taken a step forward; they have announced that the two companies are working together to enable the purchase and delivery of ITSO smart ticketing and payment applications onto their ITSO certified microprocessor (CMD2) card platform, the Janus card. In joining the ACT Cloud Partnership Programme, […]

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