TransaXiom was founded in 2010 by Ram Banerjee and Duncan McNeil to leverage a revolutionary payment mechanism patent, offering all the advantages of cash, but suited for the digital age (the first true Digital Cash solution). This mechanism allows for offline electronic transactions to take place, in a completely secure and anonymous way.

Fred Blesser joined the team in July 2012 as Technology Manager to lead the development effort.

Based in Manchester (UK), TransaXiom is now focused on providing a reference implementation of the end-to-end system.

Key milestones and accomplishments:

  • October 2013: TransaXiom’s Janus CMD2 Card selected as finalist for SESAMES Awards 2013 in the Transportation category
  • June 2013: TransaXiom’s new Janus CMD2 Card has been certified by ITSO
  • May 2013: TransaXiom becomes a registered ITSO supplier
  • April 2013: TransaXiom becomes an ITSO member
  • August 2011: Winner of the Best Javacard Platform at the SIMagine Awards 2011

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