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Digital CashTransaXiom Ltd is an independent UK based supplier of Digital Cash solutions. Our solution offers all the advantages of  physical cash in a digital form, and is suited to eCommerce in general, and mCommerce in particular, via NFC Mobile handsets. Our patented Digital Cash technology has now been incorporated into our recently certified ITSO Janus Card, providing the world’s first mass transit card where the card balance may be spent outside the transit environment without the need for custom merchant terminals.

TransaXiom‘s patented Digital Cash technology offers extremely fast transaction times and the ITSO Janus card is supported by:

  • Digital Cash terminal Apps on Android NFC phones
  • a Digital Cash host system capable of managing merchants accepting Digital Cash for online or offline payments

The following video demonstrates the ease of use of the payment solution:


Like physical cash, Digital Cash is open to all demographics, with or without bank accounts. Facilities to convert readily between physical cash and Digital Cash makes Digital Cash payments available:

  • to all age groups, including the young and the elderly
  • for all product groupings, including Pay As You Go consumption of digital content.

Latest press releases and news:

  • New descriptive videos are available on YouTube:

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